STUNnion - better safe than ëëëëëëëëëëëëëëëk

STUNnion aka stunmbj4vvnuv5pr.onion

When you visit this site, an HTML5 webRTC request is made to a STUN server, asking your web browser to disclose your physical (ISP) address. They're tricksy things, & aren't blocked by the usual ghostery-style extensions. There's some links below for more info, & tools to protect yourself whilst visiting .onions.

Cheers! ~ cryptõstõrm/õniõn

STUNion says your local (nonpublic) IP address is:

STUNion has reason to believe your public/ISP IP address is:

This is your browser's user-agent (check out EFF's to learn more):

If you're accessing this site via, we now use a feature there that causes your user-agent to be changed randomly for every request.
So the above user-agent wouldn't be your real one, but instead the one sent to this .onion site.

STUNion is a fork of Daniel Roesler's project; many thanks for the original work!

Source code for STUNion is here:

Info on blocking STUN IP leaks is collected here:

We've implemented full STUNblock functionality at the gateway; details here:

Additional resources & prior research on the topic collected & credited at: cstorm5dzz7vgmvo.onion/stunnion (non-onion URL: )

Folks using our deepDNS-based native .onion access from cryptostorm are generally STUN-protected; see: cstorm5dzz7vgmvo.onion/widget (non-onion URL: )

Thanks again to the Tor Project team for ensuring anyone using Tor Browser Bundle is STUNnion-free for life!

and umm... kittens? (=^ェ^=)